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Wednesday, January 4, 2012


A few days in to 2012, I am still praying about what this year will bring forth for me, my loved ones, and my community. I know what my personal priorities are--writing, spending quality time with family and friends, becoming more financially secure, and developing my professional expertise--but I also know that God has a plan for me that may or may not shift and realign these priorities. I'm more than open to this!

I can tell you this: I'm so thankful to have made it through 2011. It was a year marked by global, national, and local turmoil and drama. Personally, it was yet another year of grief and loss, as well as a time of dramatic shifts and upheaval in personal relationships, significant career challenges and job transitions, a physical move out of my parents' home and thus a reunion with grief over them, and financial challenges to boot. It was rough! Thankfully, though, 2011 year was NOT marked by depression or loss of hope. Indeed, 2011 taught me and reminded me of some pretty darn powerful stuff: the importance of family; the hope and excitement of fresh starts; the beauty of this world we live in, which I was blessed to see through travel; the gift of health; the gift of friendship; and more. In 2011 I was able, yet again, to dig into my writing and develop more community around poetry, spoken word, writing, and the arts in general. I crave more of this! 2011 also affirmed my convictions about the power of education and my role in advancing equity in educational opportunity. Most importantly, 2011 was a faith journey through which I was reminded of the anchoring, soul-replenishing value of faith in God.

Looking forward, I won't post a list of resolutions per se. I will simply pledge two things: first, to continue to write for GWS as long as God allows it, and second, to take these 2011 lessons with me into this new year.

Happy New Year, friends!

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