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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30 Things I Do Know

This is not an attempt to be deep, and at any rate this is certainly a shorter list than “Things I Don’t Know Yet.” So in celebration of age 30, here’s my list of 30 Things I Do Know:

1. How to make delicious gluten free chocolate chip cookies from scratch.
2. How to write a poem that comes straight from my soul.
3. How to draw a man's face, starting first with the number 2, 5, or 7, thanks to Uncle Carl.
4. How to make peach cobbler, thanks to Gram.
5. How to listen and talk to a child, thanks to Mommy.
6. How to release myself from a wrist grab, thanks to Pops and thanks to his black belt.
7. How to cry.
8. How to pray
9. How to worry, worry, worry; and that I need to stop that because it’s unproductive.
10. Relationships are the most important thing in life and they’re pretty much all you’ve got at the end of it.
11. God is REAL, even if we humans can’t stop bickering over the details of His/Her whereabouts.
12. Money doesn’t feed the soul, but it sure enough feeds the belly.
13. You know love when you see it, do it, feel it, receive it.
14. It’s important to get sleep.
15. It’s important to get exercise.
16. It’s important to eat healthy food.
17. It’s important to enjoy delicious, not so healthy food, every now and then.
18. It’s important to be able to say no when you need to.
19. It’s equally important to be able to say yes when you don’t want to.
20. It’s important to know how to let go.
21. It’s important to challenge yourself to open up and let people in.
22. Plans are just as important as dreams, even though dreams are certainly much more inspiring.
23. With all the forces out there competing for your time, you’ve got to make space for the things that are most important to you and stay firm on these boundaries.
24. Your passions and inspirations will keep waiting at your door. It’s better to feed them early and often. This way you won’t find yourself weighed down with regret when you finally open the door to find a wasted, neglected thing that could have been beautiful and strong.
25. Re: #24, that said, it’s never too late.
26. Grandma knows, child, grandma knows.
27. Poetry, music, art = medicine.
28. Children are prophets.
29. Grief sucks.
30. Life is short.
(and a bonus: 31. Life is sweet.)