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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Koh Lipe: Beautiful Paper Island

(Written on July 22)

I'm not quite sure what day it is! I think it's July 22. If so... happy birthday Maiz!

Upon arriving in Bangkok late Tuesday night, KPeezy and I roughed it like soldiers and took a day's journey to Koh Lipe. First we took the commuter rail, which was just like the Metro/Subway/LightRail/CalTrain. We took that to the rail road station, where we stepped back in time and boarded an old school railcar for a 15 hour trip down South. Some cars had no glass in the windows. Our car was a sleeper car, and it had bunks that come down at 6:30pm. Trust and believe that we got in our bunks and called it lights out early, but I did get up a few times to peer out at the countryside, the lovely farms and gardens and forestry.

We arrived in Hat Yai around 7:30 am the next day and we were greeted by lots of hustlers trying to get extra baht from us. Kiran was a professional squasher and she put all that to rest. Instead, we took a taxi (it was a truck, the flatbed of which had been converted into two rows. It had a souped up stereo and flatscreen situation going at the rear of the cab. It had a roof to protect us from the elements.) to the minivan station. The minivan took us for two hours to the ferry. The ferry took us for one hour to the island. Once arriving on the island we boarded a vehicle that is like a motorcycle with a sidecar that has been converted into an area that will seat 4 or 5 people. Kiran sat on the back of the actual bike. Dude was NOT gentle with the turns and bumps. Yikes.

The harrowing journey spat us out on Paradise Island, complete with palms and forest, longtail boats peppered along the coast like sprinkles on blue frosting, and a smattering of grass-top huts, cabanas, and bungalows, depending on which of the dozen or so resorts you were passing through.

Our resort, CastAway Beach, boasts beautiful cabin style bungalows with grass roof tops, hammocks, and mosquito netting canopy beds (probably more necessity than glamour, but still), as well as high ceilings reminiscent of an attic or a cottage in the woods. Gorgeous!

I said that on this trip I would seek out new forms of beauty. Well I've already seen it.The board ride to Koh Lipe afforded me a moment of pure awe and gratitude for what God has done on this planet. Even a sight as simple as people fishing from their boats, with the sun showering down on them and the water glistening and the air and the heat and the sky and... everything, it was all I could do not to shout for His glory. How insanely beautiful.

Not beautiful is my reaction to the malaria pills. I hate medicine and for this medicine, apparently, the feeling is mutual. Dizziness? Check. Nausea? Ok. Wooziness? Yep, you got it! Not cool. But I've figured out that if I just have tea and rice for breakfast with this bitter little pill, my tummy appreciates it. And of course I am glad to be able to take precautions against malaria. Yes, malaria would be far worse than dizziness.


  1. We love you Kia and miss you, Maiz thanks you for the bday shout out!!!!

  2. Koh Lipe are some Islamic states in Malaysia like Kelantan and Trengganu,I think.Penang is a great place to visit but Malacca unfortunately,has lost it's charm due to shopping malls that dwarf important historical sites.But Indo-China is where the old world is at and I'm waiting to go there myself someday.Enjoy your trip there and I hope you find what you're looking for.Cheers!!!