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Thursday, July 21, 2011

I'm on an elephant right now. Maybe.

Right now, as in the time at which this post will publish online, if God wills it I am in Thailand enjoying beauty that is new to me, food that is filling, and my homie Kiran's wonderful company. But right now, as in the moments spent actually typing this blogpost, I'm just at home preparing for the trip and writing and thinking about all the good times to be had.

Because life is short, I have decided to take this trip to the Land of Smiles and to leave my computer behind so that I'm not overly wired out there. But because I am a writer through and through, I still have my good old fashioned journal and pen, from which I intend to transcribe volumes and volumes of interesting, deep, and entertaining content to later post on this blog.

I have pre-scheduled a few posts until my return. Other than that, just picture me on an elephant... Or kayaking through a river in the jungle... Or praying at a temple... Or bartering at the marketplace... Or just picture me rollin...

I recently learned that the Thai people believe that life should be "sanuk/sanook," or that life should be fun. To that end I hope you're having fun somewhere and I intend to be doing the same thing!

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