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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Warrior Woman

I don't know what the 4:30 am poem is going to end up being, but here's a shot at a part two. I think the poem is now called Warrior Woman.

She is her mother's daughter
She remembers what she taught her,
She dips her feet in pools of cool warrior water
And is ready for battle
All horse and saddle, bow and arrow, eyes narrowed,
She breaks chains and makes bars rattle
She aint playin
She's ready for war, know what I'm sayin?
Muscles flexed and mind focused
Her foes don't know what they in
She knocks on doors and then she promptly breaks them down
Asks nicely and politely and then quietly shakes them down
Makes them sound alarms, ring bells and raise their hands
In the air and she don't care
She's got a list of demands:

I need air
I need to breathe and see my babies grow
Not as neglected weeds on rocks and dust
but oaks whose branches go
towards the sun towards the sky
whose roots are strong and deep
whose leaves are green and trunks are strong
against whom i can weep

I need to weep
I need to cry and know that I'm not weak
To let my tears be cleansing waters
for my weary cheeks
And steady jaw and faithful soul
To let my tears run hot
To let them purify my heart and clarify my thoughts

I need thought,
I need a spot to stop and think and pray
To talk to my creator about my purpose and His way
And plan for me, this soldier girl
Who's fighting for a reason
Who's arms are steady, mind is ready
to struggle for our freedom


You know, it's interesting, I usually don't write a poem in multiple sittings. It's kind of a cool process.