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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today, I woke up.

So, a whole lot has been going on recently that has been challenging me personally, professionally, and spiritually. I think the past few months can be described as: a time of frustration and stagnation, followed by a time of reflection and inspiration, and finally, a time of mobilization (now, thank God).

I don't know about you, but I feel like sometimes my soul falls asleep and my body/ and mind just operate in drone-mode. Maybe that's weird to say. It definitely is weird to say. But it's true. What I mean by that is, there have been times when I haven't been careful and conscious and I've slipped into a strange way of operating that renders me as powerful a change-agent as a piece of gum on the sidewalk. And thank God something shakes me back awake and I realize that, no, actually I'm a person with passionate views and ideas and talents and values to uphold, work to do, relationships to cultivate, plants to water. But before that, I'm just going about my little robot-business. If someone pushes me over, my arms and legs still move. If someone picks me up and turns me around, I keep walking straight in the wrong direction. Not okay.

In what ways are you asleep right now and just need to be shaken up a little bit? What's a daily reminder you can create for yourself to stay motivated and keep going? Do it.

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  1. You know, beginning to think that we're all bound to repeat these cycles of life.

    Less a question of avoiding it than how to postpone its inevitable occurence as long as possible (even then...)

    Anyhoo, welcome back! Actually, just rubbing the last remnants of sleep from my eyes as well.