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Monday, March 29, 2010

Three Minutes...

From "An Old Friend From Far Away," a writing exercise. Spend three minutes writing each of these:

The Best Song of My Life:

I don't think I can do song, but I can say the best album for me for my life has is by Erykah Badu. Is it Orange Moon? It's the album that has that song on it. It must have come out around 2001 or so, and ever since it first came out it has spoken to me, calmed my spirit, got me riled up, got me crunk, got me dancing, got me feeling better, or allowed me to sit in my own self-pity without feeling too, well, pitiful. I love Erykah's soul-voice. Actually, now that I think of it, if I had to have a soundtrack for this blog, that whole album would probably be it. She's the bomb, that lady. You know how you hear a song and it transports you back to a time in your life? That album is like that, but each song takes me back to various points in my life. It's awesome.

What I Can't Live Without:
Hmm... I want to say the organic gummy cubs from PCC grocery, or something silly like that. I honestly don't know, at least not right of the bat. Well, I've got three minutes to try and figure it out. I would say it would be very difficult for me to live without access to music. But then again, I was just writing about the best music of my life so perhaps that's why that comes to mind. One thing, as crazy as it sounds, that has been a part of my life all of my adulthood, has been the routine of going to a coffee shop, posting up with a notepad and pen or a good book or my laptop or just a pencil and some napkins, and doing something word related--writing, reading, or both. I guess I would be hard-pressed to try and live without the ability to write down my thoughts or create new art through words. I don't even want to think about that.

What I Can't Forget:
There are things I wish I could forget that I cannot, like scenes from my life that changed the way I saw life for the worse or just were filled with so much pain that I am now unable to be the carefree, happy-go-lucky person I used to be. People are often surprised to hear pieces of that story because I can be such a cheerful person. But my cheerfulness is just a way I approach my daily, public life. I also have dark moments and I have to say these probably come from things I can't forget but wish I could. I won't even get into it much further than to say if I could forget them I would. On a lighter, happier note, I don't think I could ever forget John 3:16 or my ABCs. Those were so ingrained in me at such a young age I would literally have to be lobotomized to forget them.

At night I think Of:
So many things that sometimes it's difficult to get to sleep! I think about my life and my purpose and time... how it just flows on by without our consent and out of our hands. As I approach 30 I'm beginning to recognize the fact that the time is now to live out our dreams and try new things, take risks, live fully, make mistakes. I think about death, too, which is a morbid and dark thing to think about, I know, but it's there... just somewhere in the future, so I think about it. I think about mundane things too like what bills I have and haven't paid, what I will get or make for lunch tomorrow, what I will do first at work, how long I can truly stay in bed and still get up and make it to work on time. Sometimes I think about my family and wonder what they are thinking right now. Sometimes I think about things that I avoid all day, but in the quiet of the night they come back around to the forefront of my mind and look me straight in the eye, demanding my attention.

Okay, that was three minutes apiece. I like these little exercises in here. Thanks for reading my totally random thoughts.

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