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Monday, March 15, 2010

100 pages by April 8th or an UGLY FB PROFILE pic

So last week on my Goals Group Blog I acknowledged that I needed to implement some drastic steps to get my goal of writing a book by Nov 4, 2010 accomplished. In that spirit, I pledged to write 100 pages (out of an estimated 200-page piece) by April 8th. The rationale for this semi-crazy proclamation is that I'm way behind on my goal and I really want to achieve it.

Since the original posting last Tuesday I have made significant progress (final page count TBA tomorrow). I have made a concerted effort to sit and write this past week, and I am prioritizing building it into my routine, slowly but surely.

But... I was thinking, I need a little more heat under my butt. This ain't no good faith deal. What, you thought I was supposed to just report back that I did it, no verification necessary? Naw, naw, naw... I need PRESSURE!

So, as truly vain as the motivation may be, I think this will be effective. Here's what I'm adding: if I don't achieve my goal in time, I promise to put up a truly embarrassing photo of myself on facebook and leave it up there until I have written 100 pages. And if I don't come through on this or if folks are unimpressed by what I consider to be an embarrassing photo, I give my friends free license to go ahead and find a photo that is more suitable for the occasion and post it to my wall or even put it up as their facebook profile.

So, dear friends, please do me a favor and find a horrid pic of me and be ready to post it if I don't come through! Also, because I don't want to just publish 100 pages of my product on the blog, please let me know if you'd be willing to be my third-party person to verify that I actually did it.

Yikes! The lady, she means business! I'm scared of myself!

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  1. Go Kia! Go! I am digging for really embarassing pics of you already;-) Will be happy to verify your 100 pages. . .No extensions will be granted:-)