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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

poetry, oh how i miss thee (and other random things)

so this is a very random post, but i haven't been posting lately so i thought i'd just jump on in. i have also neglected poetry lately, and plan to return home tomorrow by either a) spending some quality time with a pen and pad, b) spending some quality time at the spitfire spoken word/open mic joint, or c) both. will follow up on the blog about that afterwards.

so here are some updates. first, i started working a new gig, something i really like and will discuss in further detail in the near future, God willing. i also took on a new personal project with some girlfriends--a goals/support group that involves doing big things and chronicling our process of goal-achievement. it's pretty dern awesome, 'f I do say so mu'self. check that out at The Blueprint Chronicles Blog. we just got started a few days ago so you have time to catch up. it's sure to be a heck of a ride. i will be blogging tomorrow at noon, pacific time, fyi.

and what else is going on? well, i'm preparing for what is traditionally a tough portion of the year for me--november. my birthday is the 4th, and i usually am very intentional about celebrating life and giving thanks for it on that day, but i also always miss my mom, and now my dad, on that day. also november marks the 7th anniversary of my mom's passing away and thanksgiving, a holiday for which family is the centerpiece. i put all of this out there not for sympathy, but more for prayers, and also as a way to acknowledge the challenges to come but remind myself that that's all they are: inevitable challenges that i'll get through and be ok afterward. we all have those.

somehow it all goes back to the garden, lately. it's like this: i planted some bulbs the other day, beating the fall frost by just a few days. anticipating the days where i'll potentially be hit by grief, acknowledging that, and deciding to look ahead to the days afterward is kind of like that. i know better stuff will come along in the future. and i also don't know just how frosty the frost will be. who knows? maybe seattle will see a little taste of some more warm weather before we jump into the cold and rain that makes us appreciate our beautiful summers so much. either way, there shall be tulips this march. and there will be poetry tomorrow. and there will be sleep tonight!

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