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Monday, October 12, 2009

Diaspora Man

This is something I wrote about 5 years ago after a seriously eye opening conversation with someone who ended up becoming a good friend of mine. Although clearly I was crushing on him a little at the time I wrote this! This is the first half of the poem. I gotta board my flight back home, will finish up when I return. But I wanted to put something out there after my extended absence from the blogosphere. Peace!

Warm brother smothers me with poetry like prose
His locks, his cloths, his whole being just flows with music
And I could listen to it intro to bonus track
A creative opus that got me leaning my head back

Diaspora man can I touch foreign lands with you?
Speaking of travel, could I maybe hold hands with you?
In other words, fly me to the moon
Where we'll sing songs of revolution set to the jazzy tune of my heart
In other words, their in the tune of this art form
Sung smooth and low so they slowly make my heart warm

Like ripe mango on African fruit stands and loving smiles
Like a lazy afternoon that got me Dizzy runnin Miles from my cares
Of all the pairs of eyes I've met this lifetime
I've never seen two so different and yet so like mine...

(More to continue... thanks for reading!)

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