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Monday, September 7, 2009

in my garden...

this week my horoscope tells me:

"let's take inventory of your harvest, scorpio. what blossomed for you these past months? which of the seeds you planted last march and april sprouted into ripe, succulent blossoms? which seeds grew into hard, spiky clumps? and what about weeds, pests, and predators? were you tireless about keeping them away from your beauties? finally, what did you learn about growing things that could give you a green thumb when you cultivate your seeds in the next cycle?"

this is so relevant right now for many reasons. for one thing, for the past month or so i've been really meaning to write a post or series of posts on the things i've learned in my garden. my garden is very small--three tomato plants, a bell pepper plant, and some spearmint. i also have some flowers growing, the names of which i could not tell you. all i know is "the purple ones, those pink guys, the grassy looking stuff, etc." while i don't yet know the names of all the plants or even have a knack for growing, starting this little garden has been a learning experience. it has given me lots of time to reflect on life.

one time, while pruning, i had some revelations about a loved one who is going through some tough times. i realized that sometimes people need pruning--need to cut off the bad stuff in order to grow bigger and stronger. but i also realized that her parents, and not i, were the proper pruners. my role could be more akin to that of water, or sun, or even of the person who talks to the plants and encourages them to grow. it gave me insight into how i could be supportive of her without overstepping my bounds or taking on too much responsibility.

another time, while watching the progress of my snap peas, i feel like i was being told, by myself, God, or both, to mimic this plant in its attempt to stretch toward the sunlight. funny thing, i later transplanted it into too much sun and it died. so there too is a lesson about over exposure, isn't it?

anyway, there are other little insights i gain while gardening, and maybe i'll share more from time to time as the seasons change and show me new things. but the broader insight i learned is that life is constantly providing you with lessons--we just have to quiet ourselves and open our eyes long enough to take in the information and process it.

the horoscope also reminds me of something i wrote in a journal entry a couple of years ago. i was describing my Mother Dear's (my dad's mom's) beautiful garden and her green thumb. i'll post the full entry next. at the end of the entry, i wrote:

"my creative impulse is as natural to me as mother dear's green thumb was to her. by nature, i can only plant my words down in an attempt to connect to other souls. i can only pour my emotions into those words, feeding them until they take on their own spirit and meaning, blossom into something that's part of me, product of me, but no longer just mine, now something to share with others. i want to surround my dwelling place with the soul of my words like mother dear surrounded hers with the green of her nurturing hands."

if this is something i want to do then like my horoscope says i've got to take inventory of my harvest. my renewed focus on my creativity has been an act of planting. and it has created a pretty good crop so far. but i know that i'm definitely still working out many kinks in the process. this can only make next cycle yield an even more abundant harvest.

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