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Thursday, September 24, 2009

Black Boy

Yo, n*gga
Your swing's too slow, n*gga
You got to grow bigger
You can do much better than that

I know you...
I know your sweet smile that reveals a shy, ashy kneed, one-tooth missing, cotton-haired, mischievous, sun-brown, giggly, bike-riding, rock-throwing, ledge-hopping, elbow-skinning, eye-shifting, brave acting, book reading, dream having, love needing, pretend playing boy you

Dream, homie
Rip at them seams, show me
You got the steam, go be
That man you're destined to be

Live your potential
Live out what your mother saw when she first held the little you, kissed your face, your little feet, grinned at the fire in your eyes
What you imagined for yourself before
Before you were told that having dreams was square or soft or unrealistic or pointless or comical or for white boys or treason or reason to get your black ass shot

Go, baby
And break that mold, maybe
You'll find that gold, crazy
is you not taking the shot

Take it
Don't ask for it, it's yours; your life
Forget what people tell you about staying in place or on track or quiet or put or home when you need to roam, when you need to own your place in this world, in this big vast world of yours

Fight, soldier
Against the night, hold your
hands up, fists tight, don't you
dare think you're yet done for this world

You're not done til God says so
So when you want to stop make sure your heart says no,
No to giving up, or settling, or believing the false stories about you, your worth, your values,
No to anything but you living relentlessly, fighting unrepentantly, be aggressive about your right to give yourselve to yourself and see a beautiful return on that investment

Yes, spirit
Refuse to let fear get
it's way, just press near it
Whatever your finish line is

I'm standing on the other end, holding my breath, then cheering, cuz I know you, your determined eyes that reveal, like a flash of brilliance, the beautiful struggle you've been through to reach this moment, reaach your hands up, reach your goal, reach beyond what was set before you

My brother
I see you smile, hover,
and then you fly over
Soar above those artificial limits

Those fake boundaries, some you build yourself
that say you can only be x or y and not q
that say you ain't even part of the equation
But there you are, blazing past those limitation like a
lion-eagle-warrior you
And you're happy now, cause your swing ain't slow and your wings they throw themselves straight out, cutting the wind and lifting you higher, higher, higher than anyone thought you could ever, ever fly

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  1. I like this one. And it's hard to say why but that's a good feeling. Each time i re-read stanza 2 i can identify with every adjective...except for the "one tooth" reference. In my case it's a 1/2 tooth missing from an old skateboarding stunt although my dental bonding hides it well. But I digress. I am still reaching, and I see you at the other end cheering. I'm a Black Boy, and proud.