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Wednesday, August 19, 2009

work in progress

this poem is both actually a work in progress and entitled "work in progress." here she goes:

while searching for my new thing
i sift through my old self
finding unrefined gems in dark spaces
secrets i’ve forgotten and traces
of malnourished dreams
it seems i’ve got a lot of work to do
or undo
i come to a dim corner
a crack in the wall allows light to trickle in quietly, softly
the light moistens a shadowy figure
it is still
it is small
it is meek
it is me
and i seek to converse with myself but am having trouble knowing my language
so instead i smile at me whose smile reveals her anguish
quietly, softly
a heart that has vanquished, sunken down to a lesser thing
but eyes that yet sing
so i bring me to a place of honesty and tap the wellspring of her heart
find it brims with art
and so i start to understand that that is what i am
we pray together in search for answers
and this is what we say:
i am thinking and praying and asking who i am
and finding that the answer is a word
that's always been
a word that is, that means, comes from within
i am finding that i am soul
i am learning i am whole
so i can't be bought or sold
and i'm worth much more than gold
oh, truly, there's so much more to me
the average just don't suit me
no, i'm groovy, i am grown
and i truly am at home in my own skin
i'm that shy, thin, fly kin, brown skinned, down when
i need to
be down for my people
but trust me i see through
them tricks you ain't think i would know
but i do, they ain't new
and i told you i'm soul
so i got that old wisdom
hear God's voice and listen
i cracks any system
my bredren, my sistren
my brothers, my sisters
i'm callouses, blisters,
on arthritic, cotton picking hands, and
i'm black feet, red clay, cool sand, and
i'm dressed with press and curl at black and tan, and
i'm Mommy, Pops, Mother Dear, Gram, and
i'm praise the Lord, that's my word, damn, and
i am soul
i am so
much more than black activist, poet, and catalyst for change
funky boho afro solo girl with the smile
my flow be thick like molasses that don't break for miles
and deep like the love between mother and child
and in me cuz i been doin this for a while
for so long that it's gone to my bones
world travelin yet my path again leads home
where my heart is
where my art is
where it's hardest
to avoid the truth
and the truth is
i am soul...
searching for my new thing
i sift through my old self
put my fears away on the shelf
and find that with some spitshine i'll be fine

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