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Thursday, August 27, 2009

Waitin for C, C-Train Series, pt 2

Waitin for the train and I'm waitin for that change
Trying to rearrange the priorities I claim for myself
Trying to reclaim my mental health
To reacquaint who I am with who it is I felt I'd become
Meanwhile waitin for that change to come
And I'm trying to decide if I'm brilliantly stubborn, or dumb?
Or if I'm just somewhere in between
If I'm really too nice or if this world is just too effin mean?
I mean, I'm trying to move past how things seem
to see them as they are so I can clarify my dream
I've been through nightmares, heartaches, producing tear-sourced streams
leaving lines in my eyes that age this face, it's obscene
But through these eyes seems like I've seen
that I'm going somewhere, where I'll meet who I'm growing to be...

My train came before I could finish this train of thought-poetry. But I like where it was going. Maybe I'll finish it someday. If not, it is what it is.

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