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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Sister Girl (2003)

This poem is dedicated to Iquo, one of my best girlfriends and the author of Alligator Legs. She is an amazing singer and when I wrote this back in college I think she was my inspiration for it. Thinking back to that period of my life, to what she and I were both going through at the time, I can now remember sitting down to write this poem, and thinking of Iquo. Love ya girl! Although we were just womangirls at the time, I think it's best to file this poem under woman.

Sister girl sits and
sips her hot tea,
Thoughtfully making plans for revolution
And in her confusion
She went on a search for a solution
And found her voice
And made the choice to let it be heard
Breathing life-breath into every single word of encouragement she shared through her song
It’s been a looooong, long time comin, and I know change gon’ come
Sister sang
She sang of hunger pangs
And freedom trains
She sang of labor pains and that love thang
She sang and freedom rang and she maintained her song
Through the rain which fell to the earth like a drumbeat
Went with her song like the beating of a drum
It’s been a looooong, long time comin, and I know change gon’ come(hmmmm)
Like a slave hum
Like a slaves’ hum she stays one with herself through the song
It keeps her strong and when her world sounds wrong
My sister lifts her voice and sings of harmonies to come
Smiles through her raindrum
Praises the Son for his glory
Raises the Sun til it warms me
And sings
And brings hope to the helpless
And brings life to the breathless
Rest to the wary
Her song resounds clearly
She sings to God in praises
And compels us to raise our voices and sing with her
My sister
My sister she gives a gift to us by sharing her very spirit
She gives her precious gift as an offering to all who hear it
So draw near it and digest it
Think of the love invested in creating this gift
That has sustained us since back when all we had was our voice
Laugh, sing and rejoice in
the songs of struggle, love, and sisterhood

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