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Wednesday, August 12, 2009


She is a dancer
Arms and legs stretching out for miles of lean brown music
Feet slender, pretty
Hands as delicate as strong
She is long
and her body, a song

She is a dancer
Her eyes sparkle with kind, mischievous strength
Her smile is the width and the length of love
She dances to her own laughter
No camera could capture her beautiful fluidity

She would dance for me as I sat, little,
in wonder of her mastery of herself
She would dance to keep her health
To keep her sense of self

When she could no longer walk
she would dance in her talk
rhythmic, poetic,
conveying the thoughts she’d never give words to
til one day, as birds do
She took flight
And I cried at the sight of my future without her
But I’ll never doubt her love

Now with bright loving eyes
Her limbs survey the skies
a heavenly dance
Her spirit flies and she, it is my hope,
smiles down on the child she used to dance for
The child she’ll dance with again
some day

Copyright Kia Franklin 12/14/02

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