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Sunday, August 2, 2009

me and Him

found this poem last night, something i wrote back in the day-day. File this one under Soul, but since I wrote it when I was about 16, you can definitely also file it under Girl.

me and Him

when light pierces through the dark curtain of night
sending pinks and blues dancing across the skyline
and the scent of dew-spritzed grass and newness is carried by fresh cool winds, which whisper for the world to awaken
He kisses my face with the tenderness only He can possess
and wakes me

i smile and breathe the first conscious breath He has given me for the day
and swallow it with thankfulness and awe at the opportunity begotten me
my small brown arms stretch far, far, far, in imitation of His greatness
i look upward because that is the direction in which He has guided me to travel
i prepare for the day, for He has decided that there is much to do in His name

and when the sky is blotted with dark ink and sprinkled with heaven's dust
and the cool yellow moon takes her seat on the sky, watching as the people go
and the winds settle back into their homes
and the grass stiffens as cold sets in
i, in my bed, lay talking to Him, giving thanks and apology and telling Him my fears

He sings a song to my soul, sweeter than even the music of angels
more soothing than even the warm sun
and sends me to rest and reflect in preparation for a new day
for He has a plan for me

Copyright Kia C. Franklin, 1998

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