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Thursday, August 6, 2009

i fought the law and the law won? no, it didn't.

so i'm back on the job market and really getting excited about jobs that touch on education-- ed policy, advocacy, educational counseling. i'm excited to jump in, and i'm doing some volunteer things on the side that only confirm for me that this is, indeed, one of my true passions. so i know it will work out in due time and that is a beautiful thing. but that's not why i'm writing this post. all this thinking about careers has me thinking back to the experience of being in law school. then two poems i wrote back in law school popped in my mind and i thought i'd share them.

i didn't exactly do cartwheels through law school. that doesn't make me unique. a lot of people go in thinking it's going to be one way and are quite surprised to find that they're dead wrong. such is life. the first poem was probably written while i studied constitutional law and learned about civil rights struggles through the courts, and how cold and inflexible and alienating the process was for folks fighting for basic rights. the second one is pretty self explanatory.

i fought the law and the law won
if feels to me
and seems to be
that the law is white
but my black ass mind don't want to assimilate
don't want to translate my soul into slate
my love into hate
my hurry up into wait
ain't takin the bait
no, i'm shaking the gate
in hopes that the floodwaters wash us all clean

the law won? no it didn't.
Despite your efforts to muffle the sounds
My heart yet resounds
I am!
I am!
A poet
I am!
I am!
Effecting change
I am!
And I will not rearrange my priorities for your sake
I will not take those lessons to heart
And start to internalize the coldness
I will stand firm with boldness
In my difference
In my dissonance
In my interest in self preservation
I will not be molded into another abomination
Another science experiment gone wrong
I will continue to sing freedom’s song
So long as you are here, I am here to question you
And know that you’re not in me although I am in you
And know that while it’s true that I’ll make time to do your beckoning
I will also make some time for me, constantly correcting
The mistakes I make, won’t take too much from the
Black letter
Golden fetter
No matter whether
Public interest or firm track
I will not be backed into a corner
I will not forget the former me who was and is before you came to be
I will stay true to that girl who was untamed, to she
Who was innocently idealistic
Don’t worry about me, I’m absurdly optimistic
I will make it through this maze
Unfazed, stronger, bolder, brighter, more powerful,
A tool for my people
A force to make equal
The playing field you’ve mangled over time
No, don’t worry, dear law school,
I will be just fine.

Speaking of the law, congrats to Sonya Sotomayor! First Latina Supreme Court Justice confirmed today! Awesome.

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  1. we should have hung out a lot more in those days!