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Wednesday, August 5, 2009

hey... a quarter!

i like finding old poems i wrote. for me it's kind of like when you find money in those jeans you haven't worn in months--it just feels cool to "rediscover" it. here are two poems i wrote after listening to amiri baraka perform, probably in november 2007, i'd guess.

note to the (non-cliche) spoken word scene
damn i love this scene
it's just my thing
the poetry is so in me it's bursting out my seams
and oozing out my dreams
fluttering like reams of paper
word of mouth on wings
dancing ideas on high beams got me thinking fly things

note to amiri baraka
elder baraka
we've got to
thank you
for the shock of conscience and soul
that got this whole
group in baffled silence
the violence of truth kills our delusions

i like that last line! hm.

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