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Saturday, August 8, 2009

the c train series, part 1: travelin miles

i wrote a lot of poems on the notepad in my phone while sitting on new york city's c train. so i call those poems my "c train series." this one i wrote during the weird transition period when i was kind of bi-coastal, alternating between here in seattle and new york, depending on the month. this is a spoken word piece although i've never performed it. perhaps at the next seattle slam. to me, this piece only reads well when you read it out loud.

travelin' miles

all God's children got travelin shoes
i've been places,
discovered traces of myself, and paid dues
in each dwelling space
i've slowed my race to taste the freedom
of looking myself face to face
to see what i've become
an artist on the warpath
fighting battles with my pen
don't know how it happened but in Seattle once again
and then back to brooklyn
but either way i'm writin
the songs, struggles, thoughts
with words both coasts can delight in
and i'm always seekin my in
to have this low song sung heard
soul tongue offered
at the altar reverently
with art that alters everything
so we can see life newly,
truly, that's my duty
yes, that is why i do the
work i do,
the work i do, see
i been through the darkness
came out and saw i was an artist
finally had clarity of mind to see my charge is
to keep doing what God says
there's no choosing and no choice
yet and still i find the will to rejoice
to rejoice in the bondage i was called to
God's voice it was all too familiar
He said translate it for the people shout it til you're
speak it soflty sing it dance it
and of course
make sure it's spoken, word
unbroken, heard with force
that can be felt
from coast to coast to coast

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