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Friday, July 3, 2009

My re-entry into performance poetry

So last week I finally read at the Seattle Slam poetry night.

I've been going for a few months now, and lovin' it like no one's business. Pretty much everyone I've met has been super down to earth, crazy creative, and interesting.

After a positive experience reading my first piece a week and a half ago (which I'll write about a bit later), a few days ago I read another piece about music and my love for the drum. The drum just moves me in a different way than any other instrument does.

Performing the poem was great. But even better, afterward a young lady who is a drummer asked me if she could have a copy of the piece so she can put it in her studio. I was touched and inspired by this request. Even if just one person digs what I have done, writing and performing this stuff is a great opportunity to share it. So in that spirit, here is an excerpt from that poem:

the sax’s swoon sways me
the piano ticklish-ly plays on my ears,
the bass vibrates my spine down to my feet,
but my heart is only moved by the beat of the drum.

soft tings, bold bing bat,
that thing that the drum beat does.
i guess ‘cause it always was

since before we had ivory keys
and horse tail strings
and wind through pipes
making metal sing

we had that beat that we groove to
that moves, ooh, that soothes you
that moves through the flute winds
and flows thru oboes
and makes the soul slow down and smell the sweet
feel the completeness of beauty as simplicity
it gets to me
that maternal, eternal drum...

Copyright Kia Franklin March 1, 2005

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  1. lady, insist on hearing your next performance piece!