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Friday, July 3, 2009

Here we go!

Welcome to my new blog! I know, I know, everyone has a blog. But I begin this with very realistic expectations and, more importantly, an open mind about how this forum will evolve over time. This is not something I'm doing for any reason beside exploring myself, my art, my passions, and how to be true to these things as I navigate life. I hope that as others read it they will be able to glean some bits and pieces that are helpful to them. I also hope that I can get some good feedback on my creative pieces. But whatever the case may be, this is just a way I can hold myself accountable to writing and reflecting on a regular basis.

This first blogpost marks the beginning of a journey for me, off the paved road and into something unknown. For someone who has always done the "safe thing" and the "sensible thing," walking into a new space for myself where I give myself the leeway to explore what I want to do in hopes that I can discover what I'm here for, is a bit daunting. But it's exciting. And a blessing. And timely. Much more to this as I go. But for starters I thought I'd kick this blog off with a poem, actually the poem that inspired this blog's name. The piece itself is a work in progress, which is fitting, because it's about self-definition, and if that ain't a work in progress then I don't know what is. It's meant to be a spoken piece.

i am thinking and praying and asking who i am
and finding that the answer is a word
that's always been
since before beat machines or the record's spin
a word that is, that means, comes from within
i am finding that i am soul
i am learning i am whole
so i can't be bought or sold
and i'm worth much more than gold
oh, truly, there's so much more to me
the average just don't suit me
no, i'm groovy, i am grown
and i truly am at home in my own skin
i'm that shy, thin, fly kin, brown skinned, down when
i need to
be down for my people
but trust me i see through
them tricks you ain't think i would know
but i do, they ain't new
and i told you i'm soul
so i got that old wisdom
hear God's voice and listen
i cracks any system
my bredren, my sistren
my brothers, my sisters
i'm callouses, blisters,
on arthritic, cotton picking hands, and
i'm black feet, red clay, cool sand, and
i'm dressed with press and curl at black and tan, and
i'm Mommy, Pops, Mother Dear, Gram, and
i'm praise the Lord, that's my word, damn, and
i am soul
i am so
much more than black activist, poet, and catalyst for change
funky boho afro solo girl with the smile
my flow be thick like molasses that don't break for miles
and deep like the love between mother and child
and in me cuz i been doin this for a while
for so long that it's gone to my bones
world travelin yet my path again leads home
where my heart is
where my art is
where it's hardest
to avoid the truth
and the truth is
i am soul

Copyright 2007 by Kia Franklin


  1. i didn't know everyone had a blog! :-) well, mine is pretty much just a diary, but i've been thinking i need to suck it up and open myself to the world. ACK, i am not used to life without all my walls!

    thank you for sharing your poetry with the world, it's beautiful. you are soul!