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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Ah, the sting...

ah, the sting, the angst of the first love. it took me years to get over mine. this was a poem i wrote when i was in the thick of the getting over of him:

you look at me and my heart is a dried butterfly wing in a windstorm
and my mind says i've known you since i been born
but i've also known pain forever
so any clever
retorts or reassurances may fail to temper the weather
and please know that whether
or not it does doesn't matter 'cause
it ain't cool, ain't breezy
and loving you ain't easy
no, it's a serious hardship

is it supposed to be? you ask, smiling and my heart is stone warmed in sun
and my mind says oh no, it's once more begun
but it's also already ended
so don't be offended
or put off if i fail to convincingly pretend it
were all good or suspend it,
my reality long enough to think it was, 'cause
it ain't warm, ain't sunny
and loving you ain't funny,
no, it's a serious tragedy

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